Limehouse Chinatown

Boys on doorstep

Boys on doorstep

Wander East Through East: An Audio Tour of Limehouse Chinatown

Legacy of Limehouse Chinatown (Islington Chinese Association)

Chinatownology: Limehouse Chinatown 1860-1950

Chinatown, the Death of Billie Carleton and the “Brilliant” Chang (Blog from Nickel in the Machine)

Port Cities: Chinese in the Port of London

Untold London: The Chinese in Limehouse 1900-1940

John Seed (2006) Limehouse Blues: Looking for ‘Chinatown’ in the London Docks 1900-40. History Workshop Journal Issue 62, pp58-85 (link opens as pdf of journal article).


Chinese in Britain

Limehouse Causeway, 1920

Limehouse Causeway, 1920

British Chinese Heritage Centre

British Museum: Chinese diaspora in Britain (link opens as a pdf)

BBC Radio 4 Factual: Chinese in Britain

University of Waterloo: The Gambling Games of the Chinese in America (for a description of the games mentioned on this site)


Chinese Laundries

Blog site about the history of Chinese Laundries in North America


Chinese Restaurants

Curry, Spice & All things Nice: A history of the “Ethnic” Restaurant in Britain

Restaurant Hall of Fame: History of Chinese, Thai & other restaurants in Britain



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